Maps have always been an important part of any culture, whether
for conveying information, power, or beauty.  Well known maps
of the 18th and 19th centuries were etched into copper plates,
stamped on paper and color hand applied.  These maps were carried
by great explorers and adorned the walls of castles.  They represented
a perfect synthesis of beauty and information.  That combination of
intellect and aesthetic is rare in maps produced today.
Our company, New World Cartography, has taken this old approach
of originally designed, hand colored maps and applied it to the 21st 
century world.  Each map expresses the skill of hand drawn lines and
text and shows the brilliance of hand applied coloration.  All of this
is done to a map that was conceived of by our craftsman…an
original spatial expression of the world around us.  Some tell the story
of history (as in the Charleston Fortifications and Hilton Head Island
Plantations maps) while others describe the world around us (as in the
Charleston Metropolitan map). 

Our original maps shown here reflect the diversity of
our cartographic interests.  We hope you enjoy these maps and
they become valued pieces in your family’s home. Feel free to
check out our latest Facebook and Instagram posts where we
will be revealing new maps as we develop them and passing on
interesting cartographic information. 

               Travis Hayes Folk