Behind a map:  Oysters of North America

Behind a map: Oysters of North America

Who doesn't love oysters?  Our map of Oysters of North America has been a big hit and we've received lots of feedback from customers.  This map was fun to put together. 

The idea for this map started in several interesting books that I ran across.  Rowan Jacobsen's books were very helpful with some incredible images.  Mark Kurlansky's book, as with all of his writing, was so intriguing and gives a great back drop of this delectable bivalve.



We were able to fit 125 different oyster varieties on the map as well as several vignette sketches relating to the history of oyster harvesting.  Also check out the evolution of oyster knives.  We did leave off the flat head screw driver, which we have used over the years and caught without our oyster knife!

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