Custom Map Design & Printing Process 

What makes our custom maps unique? 

Maps have been a part of civilizations for centuries.  They describe the known world and occasionally made guesses about unknown portions.  From the beginning of cartographic pursuits until recently, maps were the product of the hand…hand etched copper plates or wood blocks….hand-applied coloration.  

This process produced maps that were simultaneously informative and beautiful: 

We have revived this process of originally designed maps with hand coloration.  Each of our maps is a creation of the New World Cartography artisans.  Sometimes they tell a story of history and others to describe beautifully the world around us.  While we take inspiration from great antique maps of the past, each map is a new design that describes the 21st-century landscape. 

The designs are executed with the talented hands of our cartographic artists because no computer-generated map can match the subtlety of a hand-drawn map.  Once the map is drawn and prints produced, color is applied to each print individually.  This results in slight variations amongst the prints but also gives a beautiful range of colors.  Coloration techniques vary from watercolors to colored pencils with each color and technique selected for a specific look and feel.  

Each map also has a unique serialized nameplate affixed to the rear of the frame, further underscoring the individuality of each of our maps.

If you appreciate antique maps, hand-produced items, and an expert blend of information and beauty, we are sure you will enjoy maps produced by New World Cartography. We invite you to explore our catalog of custom state, city, and historically accurate maps