Maps tailored for you

We at New World Cartography love the map making process. 
Beyond our commercially available maps, we also welcome
the opportunity to work with you to develop a one of a kind
map for your company, personal property, or nonprofit. 
These could range from a map designed to capture the scope
and range of a company’s impact for use as a corporate gift
to property specific maps to uniquely designed maps to help
express the range of influence for a nonprofit fundraiser. 
Each map would be developed using the same process we
use for all of our maps at New World Cartography:  hand
drawn ink work, final coloration by one of our cartographic
artists, hand made frame and serialized plate on the reverse
of each map’s frame.

Because these commissions would express your company,
property or nonprofit, we would work with you throughout the
map design phase and select an appropriate color palette for
the final product.  We will also work with you for frame
selection, whether reclaimed pine, cypress or custom molding.

Contact us to discuss creating a custom map.