• Bourbon Distilleries of Kentucky

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    The bluegrass state, known for its rolling hills, fast horses and, most importantly, it’s bourbon. We  highlighted 42 distilleries across the great state of Kentucky. The hand-drawn and hand-colored vignettes reflect the different stages of the bourbon making, and aging process. From the corn, to the distilling house and the barrel house. A particularly favorite scene is the barrel tracks that were used to transport the bourbon downhill for the essential aging step. We included the geographic bump in the western part of the state called the Kentucky Bend, also cleverly known as "Bubble Land." Our artist drew the map's north arrow to emulate the cooling coils that are used during the distillation process.

    A lot of our research for this map was derived from the book "The Birth of Bourbon: A Photographic Tour of Early Distilleries" by Carol Peachee and Jim Gray, available on Amazon.

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    - 26.75” wide by 15” tall
    - Originally conceptualized, drawn and produced in 2021
    -  Printed on high-quality giclée, cotton rag paper
    -  Hand-drawn, hand-colored and printed custom map
    - This map can be customized with a hand-drawn mark to highlight a home, special location, experience or memory. Please message us for details.
    - If you choose to frame this map, please note we opt to not use a mat, as the cotton paper may absorb moisture and the map may potentially buckle over time. Please message us if you still wish to frame the print with a mat, there is no additional charge.
    - Shipped in a sturdy postal tube if purchasing print only.