Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • Charleston Metropolitan Region (maple frame)


    A compleat description of Charleston Metropolitan Region

    showing in distinct manner all the islands, rivers, primary

    thoroughfares, fortifications and districts of the area

    2015, 27” wide by 22” tall, watercolor on cotton rag paper

    Like many cartophiles, our passion for maps increases every time we

    see a great, antique  map.  Whether the exquisite detail or brilliant hand

    coloration, nearly all elements of well drawn antique maps attract our

    interest.  One such map in the personal collection of our founder is an

    1835 hand drawn map of Charleston and the surrounding environs at

    the time.  Its features like Castle Pinckney, Breach Inlet, and Fort

    Johnson make us feel as if that well worn and aged piece of paper

    could transport us to another time.  And yet those are common features

    of modern Charleston, SC.

    We used this 19th century map as a guide for the Charleston Metro

    map.  This current map took inspiration from the layout, line weights,

    etc. but we have added features recognizable to us in the 21st century. 

    We’ve added the Ravenel Bridge, Savannah Highway and others.  The

    map is finished with an aging technique to evoke the 19th century feel

    of the original.  We hope this map makes you feel as if you are in both

    the 19th and 21st centuries.