Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • Fortifications of Charleston Harbor (cypress frame)


    Revolutionary & Civil War Fortifications

    of Charleston Harbor

    2015, 22” wide by 14” tall, colored pencil on cotton rag paper

    Legions of battles have been fought within the Charleston Harbor. 

    Many of the fortifications used during these battles are well known such

    as Forts Sumter and Moultrie.  Others are not quite as recognizable such

    as Fort Hamilton, which was a floating garrison during the Civil War.  To

    express this history, we have invested significant research time in period

    books, maps and journals to document fortifications present during the

    Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

    It has been colored with colored pencil, which is a fashion similar to that

    used by other battlefield cartographers.  One in particular, Robert Knox

    Sneden of the Union Army during the Civil War, produced copious

    battlefield diagrams that we drew inspiration from when developing this

    map.  When in the heat of battle, colored pencil did not require drying

    time and would allow for rapid advancement with the front or a hasty


    Revolutionary & Civil War Fortifications of Charleston Harbor is our effort to

    describe the long, bloody history that has occurred at the confluence of

    the Ashley and Cooper Rivers.