Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • Plantations of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (reclaimed pine frame)


    A Map of the Plantations of Hilton Head Island. 

    Historic plantations of 1861 are shown as dashed lines and

    script letter.  Modern plantations of 2015 are shown as

    colored areas and block letters.

    2015, 19” wide by 13” tall, watercolor on cotton rag

    Hilton Head Island is well known to people throughout the United States

    and beyond.  Much of this recognition is as a result of 20th century

    development of world class golf courses and its beautiful beaches – a

    recipe for great summer vacations.  But the island has a much longer

    history, especially during the pre-Civil War era.  Many plantations were

    developed on the island for production of Sea Island cotton, a highly

    valued long staple cotton variety.

    This map helps describe how Hilton Head Island has changed from

    the eve of the Civil War to today.  We have used several cartographic

    techniques to simultaneously describe the modern layout of the island

    and what would have been there over 150 years ago.  We hope this map

    helps lovers of Hilton Head to have a greater appreciation of how the

    island has changed over generations.