Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • The Boroughs of Charleston, South Carolina (maple frame)


    Map Illustrating Boroughs of Charleston, SC 

    This map demonstrates the recognized boroughs of

    Charleston, South Carolina compiled and drawn from

    the Colton map of 1855 and the Halsey map of 1949.

    2015, 20” wide by 23” tall, watercolor on cotton rag paper

    The peninsula of Charleston is a storied place that reflects its establishment

    in 1680 and growth over the next four centuries.  A driver of this growth

    was the establishment of different boroughs throughout the peninsula. 

    Many of these are names well known to Charlestonians and visitors such as

    Ansonborough and Wraggborough.  Some were developed by individuals

    (Mazyckborough) and others are remnants of small villages (Islington)

    on the peninsula when Charles Towne was limited to the edge of the

    Cooper River.

    While this is a charming part of downtown Charleston history, few maps

    express this part of the peninsula’s past.  This was our first originally

    designed map and we used a variety of documentary sources to define

    the borough boundaries.