Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • The Boroughs of New York City (reclaimed pine frame)


    The Boroughs of New York City

    The five Boroughs established during the

    1898 consolidation, with Manhattan as the first

    settlement after its purchase by Dutch colonists in

    1625 from the Lenape Indians.

    2015, 12” wide by 12” tall, watercolor on cotton rag paper

    Who doesn’t love New York City?  It’s one of the great cities of the

    world.  To pay homage to that wonderful place we developed another

    in our series of City maps to describe the five boroughs of New York

    City.  Unless you are a true New Yorker, many of us wouldn’t know

    or appreciate the size and layout of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens,

    Manhattan and the Bronx.  In developing this map, we also became

    interested in the famed sale of Manhattan to the Dutch in the 17th

    century.  As subtle homage to that popular historical story, we have

    adorned the legend surround with glass beads, similar to those

    supposedly used to pay the Lenape Indians for the land of Manhattan.

    Coloration for this map drew inspiration from great French maps of

    the 18th century where a striking color pattern emerged:  rich yellow

    border, brilliant greens, reds, and blues on the interior.  We adopted a

    similar palette for this map.