Originally designed, hand colored maps
  • The Historic Wards & Squares of Savannah, Georgia (print)


    The Historic Wards & Squares of Savannah, Georgia as first laid out in 1733 by General James Edward Oglethorpe at Yamacraw Bluff.

    2016, 18” wide by 18” tall, watercolor on cotton rag paper

    Savannah, Georgia is one of the great cities of the South.  So many features make this city a top tourist destination:  the people, architecture, history, food.....and its famous squares.  First laid out in a grid pattern in 1733 by James Oglethorpe, Savannah was one of the first planned city in the United States.  Oglethorpe actually designed a city in the fledgling Georgia colony that would have wards (that would be a center for life of the residents) and a central square in each ward.  We celebrate this great city and its contribution to urban planning with our latest map of the Wards & Squares of Savannah.